Dissertation Coaching

Do you need doctoral editing and coaching?

Are you just starting your doctoral journey?

Are you confused about the dissertation process?

Are you a doctoral student in need of guidance to understand the dissertation process?

Would you like a team who are skilled listeners to guide you on your journey?

We provide coaching and skilled guidance that inspires motivated and disciplined students through the completion of a doctorate degree. We do this through empowered personal engagement and authentic, professional, and ethical business acumen. 

Our Experience Working with Doctoral Learners

The recent increase of online Universities offering Ph.D. and doctoral degrees has created a new challenge — students who need doctoral dissertation editing and coaching through a doctoral consultant to help navigate the intense and complex terrain ahead. We have helped students avoid needless stress and feelings of isolation, and staved off dropping out by helping them stay focused on their personal and academic timelines for graduation. Our executive team members have completed their doctoral work, we’ve been there, and we can help you get there, too.

CJD Consulting offers a free and in-depth consultation to assess your service needs. Please email us for the service fees. We are proud to partner with Compita Consulting, LLC, and Superior Editing Services to provide a wide range of services to doctoral learners.

We offer personalized, comprehensive, and authentic support during and after your consultation with us, via phone and email. We are available via Zoom for a virtual consultation and consider ourselves to be a thinking partner. We take pride in our ability to explain complex concepts and study methods simply. Our team’s expertise spans several broad disciplinary areas, including management and organizational leadership.

A Word About Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the passing off another’s ideas and works as one’s own. It is unacceptable in any academic work. Original research is the heart of scholarly research, and CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC, does not endorse the use of another’s ideas or work without proper citation. All draft documents created by CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC, are intended as educational tools to assist our clients’ studies. These documents are not intended for submission by our clients, but instead, they are to serve as tools for the client to complete their research.


We understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality and provide all of our prospective clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement immediately upon contact. Confidentiality ensures that your research will not be shared with any third parties, and your consultation is completely confidential.


“I appreciate Crystal’s down-to-earth approach with tutoring me though some of my challenging research papers. She makes the syllabus seem simple and do-able by breaking it down into small chunks. I am glad to have her by my side while I am completing my degree.”

Sierra A. Gallon

Student, University of South Florida

“I found Crystal to be a very detailed and organized person. She is a highly committed person who respects and works well with others on a project. She has excellent writing and verbal communications skills. She helped me to edit my first book and it was truly a labor of love.”

Myra Harper

Holistic Chef, Lee’s Summit, MO

“Dr. Davis provides an extensive and helpful literature review on concepts related to Servant Leadership, Spiritual Leadership, Principle-Centered Leadership and related leadership theory. Her research question of whether church members describe their minister as a Servant Leader is a good one, and even more interesting is the question of whether members’ perceptions match the minister’s perception of him/herself as Servant Leader! The question of whether Servant Leadership supports church member growth is also a good one, given the decline of mainstream churches and the complexity of issues involved with church growth. This dissertation is important work that can shed light on church leader qualities that relate to Servant Leadership.”

Dr. Linda Ferguson

Author of Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand: Awakening Soul Consciousness for the New Millennium

“I worked with Ms. Davis for approximately two years but have known her for seven years. During the time that Ms. Davis and I worked together, I was impressed with how Ms. Davis was very strategic in her outreach to the undergraduate students at Kansas State University. Ms. Davis was able to identify their needs and provide services to them that was instrumental in their ability to graduate from the university. Ms. Davis also was a powerful collaborator in building relationships across the university and always strives to do what was best for the university community. Her leadership and executive skills served the university well.”

Michelle White-Godinet

Manhattan, Kansas

“My heart is swollen with pride for the hard work of Dr. Davis! Your group engaged with regard to the 2016 Juneteenth Festival in Junction City/Geary County, Kansas, with such precision and professionalism. By far, in my personal view, as the single most attended festival in Junction City, Kansas in the last 21 years. As products of this City and County, you are helping to dismantle the perception and stereotypes of the African American men and women in this community. Your professionalism, organizations, marketing, and communication ability can and will take you further into the leadership opportunities in this region. You are positioned for greatness in this region’s future! “Together We Will!”

Former Commissioner Larry Hicks

Junction City, Kansas

Dr. Davis,

“Thank you for your help! I have so much gratitude for your guidance through the dissertation process!”

Dr. Franklin McDuffe

Greetings Dr. Davis,

“I passed my final defense and received my PR grade. I want to thank you for supporting, encouraging, and directing me!”

Dr. Grace Miranda

Tampa, Florida

“Dr. Davis, Wow! That’s a bad sistah right there! From experience, I can truly say you go out of your way to help others which is exemplary of servant leadership. Thank you for your guidance and mentorship! Dr. Crystal, I passed my defense and obtained my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership! Whoooo hooo!! Thanks for your help and for the tremendous opportunity you provided me!! Blessings and a hug!”

Dr. Jemel Hence

Southfield, Michigan